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Inter Provincials & Nationals Wildcard entry

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I think it is safe to say that inter-provincials are seen as secondary to the nationals each year.

It seems some teams even struggle to fill a full side and even some not attend the inter-provincials each year.

I am not a fan of the historical points system but doubt this will ever be voted out.

I wanted to see what everyone thought about another suggestion:

In order to further promote the tournament would it not be a good idea to hold the inter-provinical tournament before nationals and the top boat from each province then gets a wildcard entry into nationals
The first problem is that Nationals is an individual event whereas Interprovs is a team event and normally 2 anglers per boat. Strategies, goals etc a little different for each but don't stop thinking.
Not as straight forward like Rip said because of the Team vs Single angler angle.

Cost is another big factor when events are as far away as they are for the Western Division anglers this year.

The pendulum does swing however as Western Division will get their chance to host and event again in the near future which reduce the cost for the local guys again.
Regards Robert Jacobs
I agree with your points I just believe this to be a good way to reward anglers that do well at provincials, similar to qualifying for the Bassmaster classic through the bass open events.

The team event structure is a difficult one as you don't want people witholding info just so they can be the best boat etc. As long as you have a good team spirit and you all work towards the ultimate provincial win it will only be helped by a little internal competition for the best boat to get two anglers qualified for nationals.

Cost is always an issue unfortunately, but I believe we are own worst enemies and don't support our sponsors enough.I don't mean spending more at tackle shops but more about promoting brands, promoting the sport, actually standing up to government in organized groups etc. This can only all grow our sport.
The best way (actually the only way) for you to get changes made to things is to join a SABAA affiliated club and get your chairman to raise the issues at the AGM’s…
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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