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Why is the bassing community so quiet?

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For those that are Sabaa members on this site, please go to your relevant divisional heads for answers and for those who are not Sabaa members and wish to get answers please join so you can have access to the information you request. Sabaa owes no non members any explanations nor am I in any position to answer on behalf of Sabaa.
Hey Brenden, the thread did change direction little from my original post unfortunately but as a SABAA member I am actually asking these questions and while I know there is this hierarchy I believe the organization would do so much better with more transparency.

I will admit I have not ever been involved enough but I will endeavor to be in the future. I don't think we need to be defensive as SABAA members but welcome these questions and take the opportunity to educate non-members. As far as I know the mandate of SABAA is to grow our sport in the end.
Bob I think a good start to the transparency would be for you to update you profile so that everyone can see where you are from. It puts things in better perspective when touching sensitive topics like this.

I believe Inanda and other dams have improved by limiting activity during spawn.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hey Navrik, will do but I keep making reference to the fact that the thread I started had nothing to do with spawn, nationals or much of the heated debate that followed.

What is sensitive about asking why SABAA has decided not to provide a reply/comment to government about the proposed NEMBA regulations?

I even said I hope I stand to be corrected.....
Hey Bob, sabaa is transparent and if you wish you have a right to the financial reports and you can request it through your club and the correct channels. Right now one thing I can say to possible new chaps out there is that we have procedures and a channel to follow in the organisation. Therefore showing non members that we have structure within sabaa and by me defending sabaa is my way of saying that by you not getting the right answers from your division and then posting the right answers for all rather than try to portray a rather negative picture first does not do any good for the very association that you pay that yearly membership fee to and does not attract new anglers to our sporting body. So please Bob and all other members rather think twice before you post negatively before you have the correct information. I hope you will put your hand up when your club or division needs assistance like some of us do and have done to make sabaa competitive angling enjoyable. Then you will know how it feels to be passionate about your sport and then be slated by the minority that are totally misinformed. Good luck I hope to meet you on the water and a beer one day
Brenden Wrote:Bassmar, Please define your bass spawn period??? one month, two maybe three?
so when would you prefer we hold our nationals? during summer maybe when the dams in the cape are at their lowest? and also when did SABAA host a nationals at 25%?
I do see the big picture though. you that doesn't belong with other followers that enjoy slating SABAA that have no ambition to fish for National colours and maybe represent the country would be extremely happy if SABAA didn't exist. then you will probably find some other reasons to bitch and moan at some other group trying to make it enjoyable for some of us that enjoy competitive angling.
Rather selfish and short sighted I believe.
also until you have served on a committee and understood how much time the committee members in each region spend on bass after hours including the work that does get done behind the scenes, then I suggest you and everyone rather refrain from making comments about a body of people that are trying to make a difference to our sport. the very same body that is expected to do so much yet so many sit on this site and complain about. What is Sabaa doing about bass conservation is the question here, but so many including the post about ' IS SABAA CRAZY' well where must the funds come from then to do what you are all expecting right here. UNBELEIVALBE :eusa_wall:

The 2011 Nationals were held from the 8 - 12 August at Clanwilliam. Pretty much on top of the spawn woud'nt you say?
The 2013 Junior Nationals were held from 4 - 7 April at Clanwilliam. Dam level was about 22%. This is no surprise as historically April is the month with the lowest water levels. Competitors reported many released fish being scooped up by locals. Fish that weak are destined to die anyway.
But my apologies to Bob. I might of sidetracked this post a bit. :blue-smile:
So back to the original topic. What is SABAA doing about the proposed NEMBA regulations?
Brenden Wrote:Bob and all other members rather think twice before you post negatively before you have the correct information.

Brenden, I don't believe I was being negative in any of my posts. Please can you elaborate.

I started the post with the honest intention of gaining the "correct information" on the situation with regards to NEMBA.

Now the moderators and other members know why people don't post on these forums as much as you want (as discussed in the post "BFSA Forum members").
No worries Bob, I might have read it wrong and am not looking to make enemies, I just feel that you as a Sabaa member should rather go get the answer and post the right info. Who on this site did you think would be able to answer that question and how would the correct people be able to answer the question if they are not on this site? Or is someone hoping that a member like myself would run off, get the correct answer then post. Well that person could have been you if you were as passionate about the sport as I am.

@bassmar like I said we can't make everyone happy all of the time and competitive angling is here to stay. Generally August is pre spawn and many members on this site enjoyed fishing the winter classic in August. SEPTEMBER is slap bang in the spawn and wcbaa does not hold any tournaments during this period. All those tournaments you are on about and yet the fishing is still exceptional at clan. How much better would you want it to be?
like I said I'm not here to make enemies just trying to prevent the continuous slating of sabaa.
Everyone enjoying their pop corn :eusa_whistle:
Gotta say I enjoy these discussions, I personally don't know much about SABAA but by reading these posts I gather info.
The guys that are new to the sport eg my cousin, doesn't even know SABAA exists. So these posts do help.

Just like in any other sport, you get heated discussions, take from it, learn from it and enjoy the sport for what it is.
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
Ok so maybe I came across a bit a arrogant and aggressive and I apologise If that be the case. Let's take it from a different angle and maybe something positive can come from this.
Just see it from my point here. If I as an executive member of my province am a paying member to sabaa and am prepared to give up my time and money to make a difference to bass fishing in SA then why is it expected that the minority of anglers should pay and be expected to give answers to the majority on what is been done for bass fishing in SA? If we all join and paid a fee which might be lowered if the support was bigger, then instead of having 598 members trying to make a difference, sabaa could be way more financially stronger to appoint someone to do this job full time and get results.
Remember our fellow feather friends have way more members that consist of advocates, Lawers etc who can defend freshwater angling. They have ten times more members. Get the picture? Yet some of us are dead set against joining sabaa for the sake of bass fishing but demand answers at a drop of a dime. I as you all know am so passionate about my sport that I am prepared to pay and give up of my time to make a difference how many of you are prepared to do that?
I'm not knocking individuals but just think what could be done if we paid an affiliation fee to an association that could make a bigger impact if it were stronger.
As for tournaments remember we love to take our kids fishing a d the time in the year is set out for Junior nationals in the calendar as is for senior nationals. Spawn is at different times of year on different lakes and we cannot change this. If we took those juniors to twk in April would it make a difference? No there would be some oke complaining that we fished a stressed fishery in low water condition. So where do we take the kids or do we not hold nationals?
Firstly taking our kids to a venue that has poor fishing would not be fair. Secondly I wouldnt want my child out of my sight on another boat for a Week knowing what can happen on that lake with the wind etc.
don't always knock the minority before giving it some thought. Let's support the okes that are trying to make a difference in this fishery. Just some food for thought
I could not have said it better Brenden!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Well said Brenden
In the end, SABAA cant keep every bass angler in SA happy with only 500 membership fees. At least somebody is doing something and giving us rhe oppertunity to do the sport we love at a higher level. Take part, become part, get involved then judge the methods. Not before.
The more members we are the stronger our voice and the bigger impact we can have when taking on issues such as mentioned in this thread. Een dragt maak magt.
Brenden and Rob, see you guys at Nats!
One fish can change it all.....
August Wrote:Brenden and Rob, see you guys at Nats!

Roger that August! ;-)
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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