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Fighting Frog.

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Hi all,
Lately I have had a lot of success fishing the frog weightless however I have a problem to T rig it properly.
Any help re this problem would be appreciated.
What exactly is the problem bossies?
Hook EWG keeps on popping out - underskin hook a problem as material is so " thin".
bassbossies Wrote:Hook EWG keeps on popping out - underskin hook a problem as material is so " thin".

You don't have this problem when rigging this bait weightles?

It should be the same weightless & T-Rig.
Weightless - I use no weight at all - just a 3 EGW - my problem is mainly the " slit" on top and on the bottom - both give me the same problem to "skin" it.
Maybe I am totally in the wrong about Tex and or weightless?
A 3'O hook might be a bit small for a fighting frog, try a 4'O. What brand of hook are you using....see this pic.

I personally find the 4/0 to work the best on the 4" Fighting Frog model.

Hook remains well buried & weedless.
Hi all,
Thanks for all the replies.
I use a 3/0 Gamakatsu will most certainly try a 4/0.
Hi Bassbossies

The Fighting frog was designed around the 4/0 EWG Gamamakatsu. If you are fishing around heavy cover and using line upwards of 17lbs use the EWG Superline Gamakatsu and if you are using lighter lines use the normal thin wire EWG Gamakatsu. The slit in the middle and on the sides of the bait are there to aid in hookups as it allows the bait to colapse in the mouth of the fish on the hookset. It was designed to be a pitching bait but like most plastics it can be used any way you want to use it! Hands down my favorite creature bait!

[Image: outdoors.gif]
Here is a vid we shot at the trade show bassbossies. Hope this helps. Wayne Eastern giving his take on the Big Bite Baits Fighting Frog.

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[Image: outdoors.gif]

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