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Bass in an around Gouritzmond / Mosselbay area

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Hi Guys ,

I know this kind of question will probably not get many replies these days ( and yes I understand why , have been burnt myself ...)

But just on the off chance. My wife and I have a place in Gouritzmond , we go there quite often , and I do enjoy the surf and estuary fishing in the area , but I would like to do some bass fishing every once in a while.

If anyone knows any good spots for bass close by I'll greatly appreciate some info.
Those that have fished with me will know I'm a "clean" fisherman. I don't drink when I'm on my kickboat , I definitely don't pollute or make any fires , and off course I return everything I catch. I also follow the general farm rule w.r.t gates ( close them after I drive through )

Thanks ,

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Hi Homer.

I grew up in gouritz and the parentals still stay around there. didn't do much bassing back then as my hobbies primarily revolved around the saltwater, surfing, fishing etc. now i wont be able to give you the exact coordinates but can possibly point you in a direction and i'm sure you'll be able to find some spots.

On the road that enters stilbaai (R305) there is apparently a nice bass spot although i have not fished it myself, its called botterkloof if i'm not mistaken. and also if you drive out the back road from albertinia, through the wine farms there are a couple of dams that you'll spot. Just check with the farmers first.

hope it helps...
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Thanks Ginja , appreciate the help. I'm going this weekend , will try and speak to one or two of the farmers.
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Oh', Korinterivier dam close to Riversdale also holds bass
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Howzit Homer. As jy jou pontoon boot in het en nie mind om bietjie te ry kan jy Raubenheimer by Oudsthoorn of Groenvlei by Sedgefield gaan fish. Petrol is mos nou weer cheap
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"The man who persists in casting will succeed in catching" - Capiez
Hi ,

Ja , nee , dankie. Ek ken Raubenheimer en Groenvlei. Raubenheimer is actually een van my favourite bass damme. Het net gewonder of daar dalk iets nader is.
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Botterkloof is a magical place. Check it out.
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
Thanks guys. Appreciate the info. I still believe there is a place for sharing venues on this site. Most of the guys I've met on the site and on the KBT are the "good guys". The bassing roofkyk underground community is the minority , and will find the secret venues anyway.

My inlaws have a farm in the Karoo near Sutherland , and I've found a very nice looking spot that apparently has bass in it ( haven't been there myself , but will check it out one of these days). The best part is the farmer is not unwilling to allow fisherman on his farm , I think he's just going to charge a small fee.

If it's ok with the owner and the fishing is good , I'm going to post it on the forum. Watch this space
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Still one of my favourite dams in SA...
Jy kan dalk ook Hartebeeskuil dam probeer naby hartenbos. Dis so amper 10km yt Hartenbos uit op die Oudshoorn pad. Daar was altyd groot Largies in gewees, maar die dam is oorgevat deur Karp en baber. Nogsteeds n paar visse wat daar dwaal.

Ek het eenkeer 1 uur die oggend n 1.5kg largie opgetel op n karp fillet wat vir n baber bedoel was. Daai dam het altyd gespog met visse van 3kg en groter selfs.
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