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Why do big bass follow my bait, but swerve away?

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Jeremy Wrote:
jmgravenor Wrote:Hey Jeremy,

It's the Big Bite Baits Real Deal Shad Smile

I still think it is the Warmouth if you look at the profile.

[Image: Big-Bite-WarMouth-2_zpsckordp9r.jpg]

This is a screenshot of the description of his vid.
The Big Bite Baits Warmoutha and Real Deal Shad are baits that are very similar in profile, but were designed for different purposes.

The Warmouth was designed with excellent attention to detail to fool very weary bedding bass, as seen in the video. The tail does not have a thump to it but more of a wave-like flow when twitched.

The Real Deal Shad however is designed for swimbaiting as it has a thicker tail that creates more of a thump.
[Image: outdoors_zps5be0abce.gif]
Nice one JM. Love the mac desktop. :blue-biggrin:
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