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Korentepoort Dam Riversdale Western Cape

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HI Guys

So I will be going there over the long weekend in April over Easter.

Its almost Winter and its colder weather I will be catching from the side any tips will be much appreciated also what lures and so forth have some of you guys maybe caught there before I have years ago on a normal spinner then I moved to cape town so its been a while since I have been there.

I'm a beginner so don't know much on how to rig lures and that . :blue-redface:
Do a search on the forum, there's plenty onfo on that dam.
Tell us how it went hey.
I will cant wait anymore hope I get a nice big one.
So how did it go?
Hi Adrian i did go yes didnt catch any fish i only took like 5 lures with will go again soon
I was there about 2 months ago. Very nice looking dam , I definitely want to go back there , but didn't get any bites. I used a jig , crankbaits and creature baits. Headed towards the left of the dam from the launch site.
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