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Anton Here

I have been fishing in Secunda in some small dams.
I have caught some bass on junebug color and with creature baits.
But I am not caching allot of bass like one every hour and i have been working lot of water deep and shallow not getting allot with power fishing more on fenesse type fishing. The water is clear and has lot of sludge on the top of the water near banks and has many water reeds.
any tips are welcome

Thank you. :blue-badgrin:
Hi Anton,
Clear/clean water = natural coloured baits.
Dirtier/muddier water = darker baits (junebug, black and red flake etc)
Try something like watermelon red flake.
Senkos, flukes, brush hogs etc.
Small dams i would throw a spinner(gold) along the edges in order to cover alot of water.
Maybe try switching it up and throwing some Horny Toads(Zoom) for a top surface bite. Generally want to through this along the edges of the dam so you are reeling in a constant depth of water(anywhere from 1/2 a foot to 4 foot of water). The sludge might be a problem for top surface but find areas where it is a bit clearer and cast away.
Most of the small dams will have a few dominate/larger fish who will "control" the dam and you will end up catching alot of the smaller fish as they are still hungry to put it quite simply.
Ama Fish Fish
Thank you allot will go and give it a try.

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