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Pay it forward part 2

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Hi All

Some might be happy and others not that I have returned to the forum. Either way, I am only going to be here in the future for one reason only: Pay it forward

I have decided that I will not partake in any threads, comments, tips, tricks, advice, banter, slander, tactics, spots etc, so please dont ask me to be part of anything other than paying it forward. Not even the friday funny

Since the last time I initiated this thread, I have amassed a rather large amount of tackle from various donators (Brenden, Southpaw, Mrpiek, Jason V, Rory et al to name a few - sorry if I have forgotten the rest of you)

To date I have around 50 packs of plastics (Strike King, Varkenelli, Cull'em, BBB, Zoom, Spike it etc) a few cranks, a tackle bag (thanks Sp), 3 spools of line, caps, accessories, video on how to start bassing (thanks Rip), a quantum bait casting reel and a shimano spinning rod 7ft mh.

Not all of the plastics are winnings from various people, but some of them are. So it might not be the winning lure, but it sure as eggs gets people started into bassing.

Now I'm asking for nominations for deserving persons that would benefit from receiving a donation towards their early beginnings of bass fishing. Please note, I am not specifically looking for up and coming juniors (with respect) but rather for a person that is not entirely able to financially grow into the sport. It can be anyone - young or old and in any part of the country (postage will be paid by myself if shipping is needed)
Have you been out recently and chatted to someone that you think would be deserving of the donation? If so, please ask them to contact me via pm.

There will be a few qualifying criteria's though:
1: I would like to have a short story from the person regarding their history into the game, so that we can publish their story to show that they deserved the donation
2: The goods are NEVER allowed to be sold for cash.
3: If the person receives and does not want the goods anymore, they are entitled to give it to another deserving person or return the goods so that we can pass it on again.
4: All donators are mentioned and thanked publicly, unless they specifically ask not to be named
5: Lastly and most importantly - Its not me that decides whom shall be the recipient, its the donators of the product that decide (as we did in the previous one last year). The people that donate to the cause get contacted by myself, the stories distributed and together we decide whom receives. This way it is impartial and fair to all applicants.

If you have any tackle lying around that you dont want/use/need anymore (rods, reels, tackle boxes, lures, hooks, weights, line, accessories, clothing, caps or anything fishing related), please drop me a pm so that I can arrange collection. Any (even small) donation really helps towards the bigger picture.
I'm hoping for a spinning reel and a bait casting rod to be donated by a kind enough person :eusa_pray: :eusa_pray: . If this is the case, I will have enough tackle/rods to split into two donations for the end of April.

I am aiming to give this away by the middle of April. Please send in your nominations soonest. I'll pop up a few pictures during the week of the goodie bag so far.

Till later
JIM FROM ZIM WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[Image: fishingsignature.JPG]
I have rods I can pass on to you for you're quest. Pm me

I will throw in some gift packs of realbaitco product as well.
[Image: logo.jpg]
Do you accept cash donations so the worthy person can also get a odd or sod from their local shop?
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Thanks again Jim, Let me have a dig around i might have some more to send your way.
Welcome back Jim. You are a real softy at heart boet and this is very commendable! Will e-mail you some thoughts.
Awesome to see you back JFZ! :eusa_dance:
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I have a size 8 Camo Boot Waders (Neoprene) we can add to the deal.
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@Razzman - sent you a pm

@Nutt - Thanks a mill. I'll collect at the next MT

@Scottydog - Thats a very kind gesture, but I think a voucher will be better. Perhaps add a value to your donation that I can add to the kitty, then when the donation gets handed out in which ever part of the country you could then add your voucher to the closest shop to the person.

@Brent - Thanks pal, perhaps you could send them to the cape when you next send stock down?
Hi All

A quick update on the equipment received from various donators so far:

[Image: plastics-etc.jpg]

Above is 55 various packs of plastics, spools of line, plastic lure holder pouch, couple of cranks and a beer tray full of flukes ( Thanks Sp, Brenden, Jim, MrPiet, Jason, Rory and a few others I cant remember off hand)

[Image: rod.jpg]

A really nice rod above: Rick Clunn signature series S-Glass rod (better for cranking or jerk baits) 6.6ft Mh action (currently priced at $ 90) - Thanks to an offline sponsor

[Image: ree;.jpg]

The rod was/is paired with this reel: Skeet Reese Victory 621 series baitcasting reel 6.2:1 ratio (priced at $ 99 in 2011) - Thanks to the offline sponsor

I still need to make a turn past Razzman & Ulrich to collect a few more rods, as well as Nutt for some Real Bait Co. plastics. So hopefully by the end of this month we will have a serious tackle pack to give away to various people. Not included in the pics is the Shimano spinning rod (7ft M) and Quantam baitcasting reel.

But... I have no nominations for a worthy recipient of the goodie bags. Is there no one out there that needs a helping hand?
A sterling effort Jim, as always!
Chaps, put your thinking caps on or put your hearts back in and come up with a worthy recipient.

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