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This crazy sport of Bass fishing

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Well, our season came to an end this past weekend in the final club comp. To say it’s been an interesting one would be an understatement as this year my two sons & I have done it all. From running repairs to all the club meets, jnr fish offs, classics, Jnr Nats, Interprovs, fundraising comps and maybe even just a little bit of social fishing was fitted into the busy calendar.

Did we make new friends – yes. Did we learn something new – yes. Did we fish new waters – yes. Did we have fun – yes. Did we bond as a family – yes. Have we left the house looking like a reel repair, boating and tackle shop – yes. Did we overspend on the budget – yes. Did we win some stuff – yes. Will we do it again – most definitely yes!

However, although we have feet and bank bash as well as kick boats, our primary fishing is done off the boat and seeing as it’s the most important equipment that we have, the time has now come for that dreaded and time consuming part of bass fishing and that’s the maintenance part. It might just be easier to sell the boat and upgrade this and some tackle but if you can’t, then this is what we are in for over the next 3 months or so:

• Import some parts to fully repair the trolling motor and replace the broken transducer.
• Replace one of the three boat batteries that have reached the end of its lifespan.
• Take the boat off the trailer so numerous electrical, brake, fibreglass, winch straps, bearings, hitch and other can be repaired, replaced or patched.
• Scrub down the boat and fully unpack so as to redirect some conflicting wiring, clean and recheck all the plumbing and pumps, strip off 10 yr old worn carpets and re-carpet, patch gel coat bumps and nicks, service the motor and drop the gearbox to see what’s really going on with the impellor pump, remove or treat the remaining fuel for a 4 month stand, redo upholstery on seats that have rotten ply within, change from self-tapping screws in many hatches to SS bolts, washers and nuts, disinfect the live well and pipes, and a host of other niggly issues that distract one whilst fishing.
• Remove all the reels for stripping, cleaning, servicing and line replacement.
• Repack all the tackle boxes so as to take stock and put everything back in its place.
• Pension some rods, reels and tackle to the “farm” dam box so as to free up some space on the boat.
• AND AND AND, the list just never stops!

Whilst we are hoping to do all this, we will reminisce about that pig PB that was dropped next to the boat, the amazing times and views that we were fortunate enough to witness, the fellowship which we enjoyed even though some of it involved tears and many other.

You see chaps, those of us who are fortunate enough to take up this sport with the support of our families, could just as well have taken up an easier and less expensive hobby.
Is it all worth it? The smiles on the kids faces tell me they would much rather be fishing with the ol’ man then be out jolling at some unsupervised mischievous event! Thus YES.
Trust those in similar circumstances will have a good winter break and that those reflections on your past season are ones for the memory banks. :eusa_dance:
Great read my friend. I echo your sentiments!
Regards Robert Jacobs
loved the read.....
As jy jou wil uitgee as n toffie moet jy bereid wees om gekou te word

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