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Arabie Dam - Matlala Aloe Park vs Tambotie Ridge Lodge

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Hi All

i am planning to go to Arabie dam and not sure to stay at Aloe Park or Tabotie ridge for camping?

Seen a few comments to stay at Aloe park, anybody stayed at Tambotie Ridge for camping?

thanks for any comments
If you camp Aloes it is better than Tambotie. Electricity (is available at Aloes at quite a hefty fee) vs no Electricity. If you do not camp at Aloes you stay in Tents and with no bedding, cutlery and only 1 electric globe (you pay a lot extra for more electricity and a big deposit for cutlery) and you use the campsites Toilets. At Tambotie you have a very nice house with everything. The only thing with Tambotie is that it is about 4Km away from the launch. You can arrange with both gates to let you thru before 6 in the morning if you fish competition. I will always stay at Tambotie in the future because of the ripoff at Aloes because their entry fee goes from 12H00 noon to 12H00 noon but be carefull of the charges at Tambotie because the 1st 2 persons is part of the price and for anyone more you pay as well.
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thanks for this, was just loooking at camping. so then Aloes is best bet?

Can you explain how Aloes charges entry fee from 12 noon to 12 noon? sorry a little confused there.

Was trying to work out which is the cheapest option and best option. As got the missus coming with.
If you come in at 18H00 and stay past 12H00 the next day, you pay for 2 days.
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wow, thats nice of them.....great business practises....

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