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A man and his thoughts

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By The Fish Whisperer (published with permission from a good friend of mine)

I sit here cold and lonely on a frosty winters night in my garage, looking over my rods, standing at attention like soldiers ready for battle and my thoughts roll back to the ones I saw, the ones I landed and the ones that got away.... it's truly a sad story....

Traditionally when that first cold snap of winter makes it's presence felt, even the most hardy bass anglers tend to put the rods down, pack away all those plastics, hang up the spinnerbaits and switch off the lights....

For the next few weeks the angler will mope around the house, at work and in traffic acting like a heroin addict needing a fix.

Then he will watch endless clips on YouTube about bass fishing and whenever a friend from the USA posts a picture of a hog caught in a backyard pond, the angler might even start drooling like a dog with rabies.

He will browse for hours looking at the photos of past seasons and if you look carefully he might even be losing some weight. Aimlessly he will wander around the house over weekends not knowing what to do as his previous weekends have been out on the water. He will stare out the window to view a cloudless, windless, sunny day only to step into the deception and feel the winter freeze biting through his clothes.... his depression and withdrawal from society will deepen....

Then something happens.... it's called the winter solstice and what this means is that from that point on, the days grow longer, the sun sits higher and the nights grow shorter.... simply put, summer is again on it's way preceded by spring and spring preceded by.... PRE -Spawn!!!

Like a grizzly bear shaking itself awake after some serious hibernation, the angler will slowly start returning to normal.

He sleeps better, dreams better and eats better. No more moping and no more shouting at the kids and the dog.... no more sulking....

He will buy new line, hooks, lures and even a rod or two, this time he will be looking at tactics on fishing the pre -spawn and he will even oil his reels and ready the boat....

For now though he sits and stares at all of this and wonders what makes him do this, what makes him act this way....always buying new gear to the point where he might have more than the tackle shops down the road... I need this rod... just in case... is his excuse. ....with dawning realization he knows what's wrong.... and has to admit.....

He is an addict....

Addicted to bass and hunting them, searching for them and catching them....
He will feed his addiction soon and life will return to normal...

Bassin is his cure....
Regards Robert Jacobs
Brilliant and so true hahaha!! I am losing my mind!!
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
Nice! Well written.
Nice penmanship there Navrik

Fortunately we are still fishing up here in Gangsters paradise. Put 7 nice ones in the boat this past Sunday :eusa_dance:
Fishing Wannabe
Sorry cannot take credit for the writing.

Done by a very good friend of mine (in GP) and published with his permission
Regards Robert Jacobs
Roy Wrote:Brilliant and so true hahaha!! I am losing my mind!!

Present tense Roy?

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