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Andy, here's one for you

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Hi Andy.

it would appear that this might still be a problem for ordinary members. Guys must confirm if they are still not able to upload pics direct from the pc's?
Please could you look into this. Many thanks.

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Hi Riprap

Thanks so much.

Yes, there was a permissions setting for the path to the temp folder.

I am able to upload my avatar now, could you confirm if you can upload an image on your side.

If not, please let me know where i can replicate this etc so i can follow your steps and forward to my team.
Hi Andy.
With my permissions I am able to upload pics. Just tested out swtbeaver's permissions and the upload attachments tab does not appear next to options on a reply post for him and I suspect most users.

The problem here is that in the gallery, most guys upload pics that haven't been resized to the forums set limit (pixels) and can thus not upload them into a post that way either.

Trust this helps.
Howzit chaps. I received an email that says I got a PM from KingDon. But when I check my inbox there's nothing? My inbox is only 20% full, so it can't be that. What can I do?
Good Luck Fishin'
Morning Barry.

I'll look into it this morning and let you know ASAP.

Have a lekker day.
Morning Andy.
I sincerely hope you don't mind but I allowed attachments as I wasn't able to upload pics this morning. This is what I found in the admin panel:

Oops, attachments can now be uploaded but the board attachment quota has been reached. Know you are busy so whenever you have a chance. Lekka weekend.
Shot thanks Andy.
Good Luck Fishin'
Morning Guys.

Hope you all had a good weekend?
So regarding sending and receiving 'PM'. It should be working now as I have been chatting to Ginja.

Riprap, I'm gonna try upload some pics and check if it's all good. If it's not I'll contact the team again to get it sorted for you guys.

If anyone else has any problems or suggestions to make BFSA more user friendly. Please let me know so we can look into it.
At the end of the day it's important that the members are happy with BFSA.

Have a lekker week.
[Image: Sick.JPG]

Just teted uploading a pic. seems to be working?
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Shot Ginja.

Riprap, could you please try from your side to check all is good.

Morning Andy. Still says "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached."
Under attachment settings in admin index, the board quota is set @ 2MB!?
Thanks Riprap.

Let me make a phone call.
Ginja Wrote:[Image: Sick.JPG]

Just teted uploading a pic. seems to be working?
Warren or Andy, thanks guys for fixing this problem, much appreciated. Let's test it for Bergies sake.........


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