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Hi All
Just a short intro. My name is Bruce and I've been basin for about 2 yrs and enjoying. Just a social bass fisherman. Only fish two dams Rust de Winter and Rhenoster.
Im how ever going to Roodekoppies this weekend and need some advise. Where to launch, what hazards to look out for, what bait and safety.
Brucemg - welcome to the community, you are in the right place.
Welcome to BFSA Bruce.

Unfortunately I have no knowledge of those two dams but I'm sure other members can assist you.
Hi brucemg

You can launch at dennekruin or the northern Transvaal grounds.

If you haven't been there before, I highly suggest taking it easy. There is a lot of rocks and timber in that dam and if you don't know the dam well then DO NOT gun it.. Water is a bit dirty and there's been rumours of sewage being pumped in the water. But the fishing is usually good there.
Thanks all for the welcome and info.
Not good news if sewage is flowing in.
Thanks once again

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