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Slander I don't know abouT that.But your livelihood is just as good as your new or old competition is "Your Livelihood is not guaranteed at any time" all you have to do is to up your game make sure you are one step a head be a leader and not a follower.
Exactly you don't know about it cause the post was removed, but it is of poor taste to slander on public forum there are other ways to lodge a complaint.
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Trompie Wrote:I have a floattube which has finally seen its last season last The shopping for a replacement is busy. Thank you

I am somewhat a constructor of a kickboat,I am offering my product to a person that has posted the need "to shop" for a new intention to hijack his thread,but merely to respond to somebody's comment.Same as is done by all the 'promoted 'anglers that respond/punt to comments that are posted.

Roy Wrote:Pisces Predator has done more for kick-boat fishing than any other brand they have sponsored the KBT event every season since they started. I only wonder if other Kick-boat builders will follow suit?

That they have.And to answer this from my side,I made an offer of a new KirMit kickboat for a prize for the KBT before the season was planned out,but the offer was declined as you said you were already sorted.
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I heard about the Kermit and the tweaks/upgrades on it. Seems that it 'fixed' quite a few of the niggles of the 'other' make. Really keen to have a look at it!!!

Just a question: So I didn't see the post, or the tone of the post that was removed.. Just wondering why it was an issue to point out flaws/problems with a particular product on a Forum? (No matter who the provider is) Flaws that many people have told me about outide of the forum. Isn't that part of why forums are there? To discuss these issues and have suppliers fix them? Look at the massive issues that was discusssed about Mofam. What happened there? - The management looked at the problems after it was discussed on the forum and came up with solutions. Win - Win for all. Does this mean that if you are a sponsor then your product is 'untouchable' for bad comments? :eusa_naughty: Comments that are justified and no malicious intention?

We must really beware of becoming a forum where opinions are NOT valued and posts are overly "admin'd" as to not rock the boat...

Just my 2c.
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And Mofam was a MT sponsor...
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Where is the best place to get constructive feedback about one's product? From the users and customers themselves of course. If there is an open public forum and that product gets discussed, then so be it and be prepared to accept the good, the bad and the perceptions. It's as simple as that!

Free market and freedom of speech prevail.

BTW, the poster himself removed the critic post and admin had nothing to do with it..........
Please don't get me wrong I'm all for free market and competition, but what is not cool is direct tear down of a product that serves so many and the way it was done, there is a huge difference between constructive criticism and outright attack on a product.
There are other ways to approach issues if it then does not get sorted out sure take it further.
I think some thought must go into a post like that and what effect it can have on a product and a man's livelihood.
everyone is very quick to always jump on the band wagon without understanding the mechanics behind the whole issue.
And my question is why was this issue not raised a long time ago or at the time of receiving the product now almost two years later there is a complaint?
The person that builds the product cant even defend himself as he does not have the facilities or the time to do so as he is building kick boats to make a living!!
Its going to be pretty hard for a person to sort out issues if he is not on the forum and has not been approached directly.
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Have you got shares in this business or are you there spokes person if not, why not give the manufacturer the opportunity to respond to all that has been said, surely he is more qualified than all of us including your self.
KingDon Wrote:Have you got shares in this business or are you there spokes person if not, why not give the manufacturer the opportunity to respond to all that has been said, surely he is more qualified than all of us including your self.
No im not their spokes person nor do I have shares but I am the Western Cape agent.
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