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Hi Guys new here...never saw a bass in real life

Looks exciting on youtube :roll:

Got a 380 bandit 15hp tiller arm boat..will this boat do the job

thanks guys
We're all mad here
Welcome boet. You don't need a boat to catch bass but it certainly helps. The best way is to surround yourself with like minded people and then it just happens naturally. Good luck.
Thanks RipRap
We're all mad here
Welcome to this side of the addiction Trini!

Boat will certainly get you places.

Just check out the weather reports if attempting one of the bigger dams and you will be fine. Boat looks great!
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Navrik

Took the boat out to brandvlei coupla weeks back...boy o boy is she light on fuel

didn't do any fishing really not sure where the spots are and what lure selection works

if any1 is fishing brandvlei theewaters clan,anytime...please drop me a pm would like to tag along if you pros don't mind.

thanks again, is a awesome site lots of info on here
We're all mad here
Welcome to the greatest bass site Trini...
some very very informative reading on this site. Tips tricks and general how to catch a bass info will be found here.
you will be addicted in no time...

enjoy. :eusa_dance: :eusa_dance:
Live in the Moment...
thanks BassNinjaV
We're all mad here

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