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Kickboat livewell

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Hi guys

I got a livewell from JFZ a few months back when he wanted to make some space.

Thought I could put it to good use but that never happened unfortunatley.

Just been standing at my place and thought with the upcoming KBT @ Poortjies someone could put it to good use.

It's quite big and could give some drag, but hey its for free!

Just need to collect at my home in Brackenfell or workplace in Durbanville - just note I won't be at the office tomorrow.

Regards Hein

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That's the spirit! Nice one Heinrich :eusa_clap:
If you dont manage to find it a home I will come get it from you and keep it as a spare for someone that maybe forgets theres at home or dosent have one. Will keep it as a BFSA KBT keep net.
Here fishy, fishy, fishy here fishy.
Great idea. Seeing as I was the idiot that forgot my livewell at the last KBT :eusa_doh:
Thanks to JFZ for his great gesture - I'm just passing it on!

Let me know.

Regards. Wink
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Looks kief, I'll take it if no one else will?

I'm going to miss the Poortjies KBT unfortunately but I'll try fish them all from there on.
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Hi Basslightyear

Please let me know if u still want to take the livewell - there's another person who also want it but u have first option.

If so, let me know when & where will u take it.

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