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Spro frogs vs snag proof

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Good day gents

Can you guys give me some info which is better spro frogs or snag proof frogs?

Only be en catching with spro frogs but saw some footage of bobby Barack fishing in the delta with snag proof frogs and it looks pretty good..

Hi Jansen

Firstly I'm a big frog fisherman and asked myself the same question some time ago. the short answer to you question is fish with BOTH !! Both Spro and Snag Proof are great products i wouldn't choose one over the other.

Snag Proof and Bobby Barack designed the "Kicker frog" its a hollow bodied frog that has "paddle" feet. This frog is unlike any other action you can get on the market. Bobby Barack is a big fish on frog hunter and as you mentioned loves catching giants on frogs. The kicker frog can be compared to the action of a horny toad but with a hollow body allowing you to pause the bait when you feel. This is a great search bait and can be fished fairly fast.

Spro have had amazing success in the frog market since including Dean "the machine" Rojas on the pro staff. Dean as I'm sure you know is somewhat of a frog specialist. I believe the latest versions of the Spro frog on the shelves in SA today are far better than those of 2 years ago. The reason I say this is they have incorporated a similar through hull technology and redisigned the hull shape of there frog to be able to create a "walk the dog" action. The plastic used in the frogs are a lot softer and allow the bait to collapse on the bite exposing the hooks for better penetration.

So to answer the question i would suggest get yourself a Snag proof kicker frog and a Spro Bronzeye shad. These 2 frogs are my go to baits and cover all the frog techniques you could fish. Ideally I would go with 1 dark and one light of each model.

Good luck and don't forget a decent rod to pull the fish out the heavy cover. Happy frog hunting........
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