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Pay it forward

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Hi Chaps

A while ago Smurf got a call from a fellow angler that lives and works up at Clan, and long story short is that most of his gear went missing somehow. He was asking Smurf for any donations so that he could get back onto the water.
So Smurf chatted to me about it as a perfect candidate for the pay it forward movement, to which I could not agree with more as its been a while since we've done this

So not knowing much about the guy, I didnt expect to meet him on the water at the summer classic. Now if any of you know Gert September, you will know that he is the nicest guy, with not a lot of money. As far as I know, he works for the clan municipality at the main gate at Clan, which we can all deduce it aint the highest paying job in the land.

Gert fishes off a, well it looks like it, home made tub that can barely hold himself let alone a fellow angler. It has a sort of a home made trolling motor on the nose that has no foot control pedal. As for the power plant on the back, its some sort of ancient 20 odd hp motor that spits and coughs every time it starts.

So far he's getting a Skeet Reece baitcaster, a Rick Clunn rod, about 60 packs of plastics (not the junk but some really decent stuff) and about 10 spools of line, a plastics bag that can hold most of his kit (thanks SP for this one), hats, shirts, lure boxes etc.

If anyone has any extra donations (like a spinning rod/reel combo) that is lying around gathering dust, please get in touch with me to add it to the goodie bag for Gert. (I dont need line, nor additional plastics though)

I'll be going up to clan next friday for the regionals and will give it to him then. I'll take some snaps of the hand over and post back here.
Hey Jim, you the man, the man from Zim. Well done to all concerned. :eusa_clap:
That is really receiving a four hudredy plenty billion new executive jet !
I have seen Gert plenty of times buzzing around Clanwilliam in his little tub.I am sure he is going to be thrilled with the gesture...thanks all concerned.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
I have some stuff, will bring along next weekend.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Awesome Job Jim_From_Zim... *thumbsup*
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