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Freestate - Bethlehem bass fishing

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Hi all, trust you all had a good festive season. I found myself in Bethlehem this weekend and will probably be going back a few times this year. I see there are a few dams in the area like Saulspoort and a few loch's as they call them. Did a bit of searching and it seems they might have bass in them.
Has anyone got further info on the bass fishing around the area of Bethlehem. Is it worth pulling a boat down there and giving it a bash, can I launch a boat a Saulspoort. Will try giving one of the local fly fishing shops a call in the morning to check if they have any info.
Suppose I can always head down to Sterkies when down there but wouldn't mind trying a few local dams around the area.
There are monster bass in all those dams.... grew up there...
Thanks, will make a few queries of where to launch boat if possible and maybe give them a try.
You can launch at Saulspoort but the rets you have to be a member of the skee club... it's been a while so scratch around...

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