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Theewaterskloof Dam

Approximately 1 and a half hours drive from Cape Town, just outside the town of Villiersdorp, Theewaterskloof Dam is a large impoundment with a capacity of 480 million cubic metres when full and a surface area of 48 square kilometres.

This inland lake is set in beautiful surroundings and has excellent boat launching facilities with camping, self catering accommodation and restaurant available. The closest town is Villiersdorp.

The lake is home to some trophy largemouth bass, with specimens of over 4KG having been caught. Structure is mainly drowned trees with some rocky drop offs and grass beds. During the early 90's Theewaterskloof was one of the prime largemouth bass lakes in the country, suspected pollution from surrounding farms, uprooting of trees by Cape Nature Conservation and the illegal introduction of carp and barbel led to the bass almost dissapearing. In the past 2 or 3 years they (bass) have been making a comeback and numbers are steadily increasing. In another couple of years Theewaters could be back to it's former glory days.

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480 million cubic metres, surface area 48 km2.


Yes at the yacht club.

Fish Species Available

Largemouth Bass (Northern strain), Carp, Bluegill, Barbel, Kurper.


Mainly drowned trees but also rocky drop offs, grass, reeds, old roads, bridges and even drowned buildings.

Recommended Lures

Mainly soft plastics and spinnerbaits, watermelon red flukes and junebug lizards work well. Spinnerbaits in white and chartreuse cast to standing trees and allowed to helicopter down next to the trunk can produce good fish.


Well maintained yacht club, electrified camping sites, a restaurant and a pub, there are also loads of private accomodation establishments surrounding the lake and in the town of Villiersdorp.




1). Wind - Theewaterskloof can become unpleasant and even dangerous to boaters when the wind starts to blow, which can happen very quickly. Anglers planning on launching a boat should be aware of the weather and heed the advice of launch officials.   2). Certifcate of Competence - launch officials will not allow a boat to launch unless the skipper is able to produce a valid COC and seaworthy certificate.   3). Restricted area - the area to the west of the R321 road bridge is part of a nature reserve, a permit must be obtained to enter. The up-side is that this section of the lake is devoid of leisure boats so bass anglers are undisturbed by water skiers and jet skis.

Contact Numbers

Yacht Club: 028 840 1334 Cape Nature Conservation: 028 841 4826

Bank Fishing Potential

Bank fishing is possible and productive in many areas around the yacht club. Much of the surrounding land is privately owned so access is limited. The area to the west of the main R321 road bridge crossing the dam is part of a nature reserve, a permit must be obtained from Cape Nature Conservation to enter the area.


Accommodation at Theewaterskloof Dam

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