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Same this side Sean...and my next boat w...   2015-01-21 18:46:37
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Sean Murphy
All my reels run on manual power so no w...   2015-01-21 15:36:09
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Ag well then we just go and fish!   2015-01-15 20:46:44
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And where is Oom Bombasstastic?   2015-01-13 13:12:18
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Typical! Where is Jim from Zim to commen...   2015-01-13 12:02:50
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Im still laughing from making this poll... hahahaha, I voted no.
by bassmaster (2012-09-26 20:40:20)
by plasticman (2012-09-27 14:39:22)
Weird dude. lol
by Hellbent (2012-09-28 08:31:28)
Funny guys hahahahahaha
by Ernst (2012-10-01 19:12:50)
Ou snaaksie...I least I wast honest. I voted yes
by Navrik (2012-10-10 15:56:15)
yes is good........
by hero (2012-10-21 15:29:26)
by Roy (2012-10-31 12:34:56)

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