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Hi Guy's

I'm an avib big bass hunter and fish replica specialist. :blue-lol:
Howzit rip....welcome to the site....hope you got a good sense of humour cos your gonna need it here......I've seen pictures of your work...please post a few so the guy's can droll....

Enjoy, the site has a huge following and records off bass fishing and related topic's.
Welcome rp.

Please enjoy your stay and the wealth of info on this site.

Just watch our for Bergie....he is a bit cranky at the moment because of a cow... :blue-rolleyes:
rp Wrote:fish replica specialist.

Hey rp welcome aboard. When you say fish replica specialist do you mean mounted trophies.
Jip I make replicas for guy's catching those big fooshies. I specialize in bass
Thanks guy's I hope Icontribute some on this site.
Rip...from what youv'e shown us we most certainly know you can contribute.... :blue-biggrin:

I can contribute by converting a "splash bass' into a braai pit...quite easily hey Navrik.... :blue-biggrin: :blue-lol:
Navrik Wrote:Just watch our for Bergie....he is a bit cranky at the moment because of a cow... :blue-rolleyes:
Ja, he's got "I almost killed a mad cow disease" :blue-badgrin:
Bwahahahahah...nice one's guy's..... :blue-biggrin: :blue-biggrin:
Welcome to the mad house rip. :blue-badgrin:
thanks guys
Welcome and feel right at home.

Nice one - fish replica specialist - note, noter - Noted !!!
Thanks guy's

I just need to get some time to go hunting for these green monsters :blue-biggrin:
Hey RP Can we get contact # from you or a web site to see your work , or can you give us an idea as to what it would cost to get a piggy worked from you.


Thanks lipless

U can contact me on 082 2278143.
I don't have a website as yet, will get one sometime as I don't advertise. All work is by word of mouth so far.
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