Full Version: Rasing of Hazelmere Dam wall.
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I've been reading up about this as much as possible, but I'm still confused. I've heard they want to raise it by 4 meters, but some people by 7 meters.

Regardless of how high they make it, does anyone know when they are going to start doing this, and also if you'll still be able to go fish there? I imagine a lot of the current resort will disappear, so I don't know if you'll have any place to go or if the resort will just rebuild on what is left over?

Has anyone heard anything?
A very good question...
Not sure if you have read this but if you look at the map not much land will be lost and an additional 4 km of shoreline will be created.

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I saw that page, and that was pretty hopeful, but then I saw a document saying that the resort and reserve would not be feasible.

Hopefully they just adjust the resort area, and carry on as normal, It'd be a pity not to be able to go there anymore.
I fish hazel often , nice and quiet during week days
This raising project started in theory 2009 the filling and raising suppos to start begining 2012 .
Resort will adapt to the shore line . Bigger shore line and drop off will be created.
Read the latest SA BASS promoting this resort still fully functional
DONT fish Sunday afternoon. Behold the invasion of jet skies Flying back and forward
The river inlet is quiet and produces on any weather.
The lodges are booked for months on end to occupy the workers on the new checkers warehouse, so no lodges for awhile .
I have been going fairly often too. The jet skis are a problem. I like to try for carp so I've been setting up "base" on the left of the Bollards, much quieter. Alas, no carp...but plenty bass!

I really hope they adapt and don't close, let's face it, no access control means rampant crime....