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I know this has been mentioned before but I think the guys hosting this site would appreciate it if we can reduce the size of images before we upload them to the site.

For a guy on a fast ADSL or 3G connection it might not be noticeable but for guys with slower internet connections like on a phone etc it can be a pain to download you high resolution image. Remember we have a lot of younger guys coming online in recent times who might my using their phones to access the site.

Drop it down to 800x600 and it will be fine for consumption on this size. The actual file size in mega byte will drop to kilo bytes as well.

The last 2 reel photos would be a classic example. I wanted to add them to the forum post about them to assist the poster but realised that they are just to big and will cause the forum post to take forever to display on a slow internet connection.

The quicker you forum entry loads the more likely you are that a lot more guys will bother to read it.
Thanks for the reminder Nav, it is important that members "resize" their pictures. Having said that we have been asking for a long time now that those that host the site to please implement a system whereby the pics are automatically reduced in size for those member who don't do it or do not know how to do it.

Another bugbear is the posting of pictures in the incorrect folders, the gallery has a whole host of folders with clear headings yet pictures are posted all over the place. Perhaps the "Site Police" can be given access to these folders to shuffle the pics into the correct folders?
Morning Nav. I was guiding SwtBeaver through the pics upload process last night and now I see the pics he has uploaded. They are not that big, 500-600kb odd in file size but I have saved them, will resize and post into his post with a note on the sizing issue. It's very tricky for those who aren't familiar with this so it's best we guide them.
Howzit Rip. That file size should be ok. It is the 1MB+ plus ones that will really make the guys struggle on phones even on 3G

Shot for assisting the new guys!

As you have seen just dropping the res from 2592x1944 to 800x600 makes the file size 10 times smaller and 10 times easier to consume on slower links
Aii...Geek talk again ! :blue-shock: