Full Version: Breede Kickboating
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I am toying with the idea of taking a trip down the Breede from Quaggas to Robertson (or half way?)(or further?) Maybe camping out? As per Google Earth it can be done.
Has anyone done a trip like this? Any info re rapids, times etc. would be appreciated.
Hey bombasstic! I've fished the section around quaggas extensively but not much further. Reckon safety in numbers is your safest bet! Let me know if you're looking for a crew as this sounds like an amazing mission!
Thanks for comeback. Will contact you as soon as I've got some info put together. I think it can be a blast.
I would love to join. JM is there right now. in the last two days he got two bass over 2kg. I think the bassing will be better between Robertson and bonnievale. some good smallies and largies. but there should be some good bass along that stretch too
Hi guys

I have done it twice and its a jol, we ported at the bridge over the Breede just before you get to Kwaggas, I have the farmers details who doesn't mind guys accessing the river on his farm as long as they ask permission. If you go it must be between December and march April at the latest. You want to keep an eye on the weather as rain can cause the river to rise very quickly and it becomes dangerous, particularly thundershowers in the worcester area. I suggest however that you do it in small ducks or have at least one to carry all your supplies and equipment. We hired one from a river rafting crowd in Robertson and collected it when we went to drop off a car and handed it back when we got there. We ported every night and hung up our hammocks and cooked chow etc. just be extremely careful if you are making an open fire as the area is very dry and runaway fires are a definite possibility.

The fishing was great and I took a spear gun with on the second trip and shot 70 carp over the three days which I handed to the local fisherman. you will also cross two weirs along this stretch and you can sit and watch the sharp tooth Catfish jumping up the weirs like pacific salmon. I would love to have had a fishing bow for these. Also if you have sweet blood like mine I suggest that you start drinking a liter of tonic water with quinine a day two weeks before you plan to go and take a couple of liters of tabbard with you as well.

Tight lines

Was a real jol hey. Really would love to do it again. We only had 2 days of on-off rain and the Breede has already flooded. Pity. Would liked to have fished it more. I found that wherever the water was clearer...we found the well as the visible barbel and carp. Would like to start further upstream though, where Nutt suggested. The locals seem to fish extensively around the Robertson and Bonnievale area. The pics we've seen of trophy bass being kept for the pot...frightening. When I say trophy though I mean, 2.5kg+.

The water should be clearer higher up and should be some great fishing. Super keen to do it again!