Full Version: Check this out KBT guys
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check what powerpole has brought out for light vessels
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Really awesome indeed! I like the fact that it seems to be easily transferable.
Very Nice great idea but at our current exchange rate R7452.00 is just a bit steep. Ill stick to the rope and brick for about 50 bucks idea :blue-biggrin:
Peter Bain built his own variation on this...slightly more manual in working.
howsit Roy, brick and rope hahahahaha I agree bud and most of us will need something like a car battery not a brick it just wont cut it. :lol: just thought it would be nice to show the chaps, that thing will cost more than most kbt's I think.
very cool idea, but it isn't difficult to stay in one spot on a kickboat even in howling wind.
Yes, one can get stuck in the reeds for an hours and get called Legless by ones fishing peers!

(those days have passed at least)
Lol @ Shamwaaaari

Somewhere I saw a great idea for an anchor for a kickboat, probably in the bass digest if I am not mistaken.

Basically it was a small folding anchor with a doggy leash (the self winding type that old ladies use to walk their stoep kakkers). No rope to snag your rods when casting, self winding to save you time.

Simple and easy.

Oh, the power pole - Its nice but waaaaaaaaayyyyy to expensive for us poor folks on the KBT tour
I use a 5kg dumbell. Deploy it like and upside down marker buoy!!