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Please help - without trying to sound dokken foff, to post a new topic, I go a long roundabout route to get to a button that says "Post a New Topic" - There must be a quicker route that I am missing?

and . . . at the end of a a topic postings there are 2 buttons "Post Reply" and "Quick Reply" Please explain?
Post Reply gives you all the fancy options and little emoticons.

Post Quick Reply is just to give a quick answer without the additional funnies.

Quick enough way to do a New Topic. I normally go to Forum -> (choose my topic) -> NEWTOPIC and off I go

This forces guys to carefully choose their topics and for the site to stay organised in case you want to search for something in future.
Quick reply gives you text only with which to reply.
Post reply allows you to wallow in your creative juices.
Post a reply provides you with an extended editor to manipulate fonts, text size, hyperlink text, insert video links and image links. Quickly reply is a quick and simply editor that provides the ability to purely insert text.

To create a new topic or thread all you need to do is navigate to the section you want to post in and then select the NEWTOPIC button
Thanks guys - well explained. That is the route I am going to New Topic - I just thought there was a quicker button I was missing.