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Good afternoon all
Ok there is no nice way of putting this. I AM VERY VERY PISSED OFF!!!
I have been battling with Applethwaite farm management, the 2 other farmers boadering the dam with regards to fishing both stretchs of the water as every one is aware of. I had a meeting on Tuesday 10th after a long discussion I was given permission to hold the comp, on Thursday 12th the farm management had a meeting with the other 2 parties,
On Friday13th 2 Idiots arrived on the farm in a landrover and
parked the car inside the club grounds and launched their floattubes
They then decided to go upsteam to fish. When Mr J Downs confronted them one of them started to hurl abuse at him basically telling him to F!@#$k Off.
Mr downs call the farm CEO, Mr D Meyer complaining. Both of the farm Manager and CEO went down to the water to see what was going on. One of the anglers gave the farm manager a hole lot of lip. The CEO Mr D Meyer had parked his car behind the clubhouse. When the float tubers got out at the clubhouse Mr Meyer call them over and asked them who had given them permission to be on the water he was told that they did not need permission and asked who he was or was he the owner .They became arrogant with him. This is not the first time that this person has been warned about this I have personally told him and he has choosen to ignore it. Mr D Meyer has tried extremely hard to help me with this comp and all it was going to take to break what work he and I have done is an inconsiderate person This person is sponsered by a big lure supplier and the branding is all over the togs that he wears. Not a good advert I think!!!!
I think that some action must be taken against him and his partner from Friday, I believe that the farm is going to press charges of trespassing and they will certainly NOT be invited to fish the Bright Sight Comp or any comp related to the farm. I will make sure of that. This could have been the end of a comp to raise funds for needy people that need cornier transplants!!!!
One born every day it seems..... NOT very bright of somebody that has major branding ALL over his shirt.

Well one thing is for sure, he and his mates will no longer visit Applethwaite.
Done, finished, dusted. That's what happens when one gets cocky.

I will also make sure that this never happens again. Typical of all we read where a magic fishing spot can be ruined by one idiot for the rest of the bass community...

Well done boet, eleven out of ten....

Oh, by the way, you know who you are and NO measure of apologising or grovelling will get you out of this one.

This is simply ridiculous,that some people think they can drive onto some private property (even if you do know someone that knows someone) and take an aggressive stance such as this.If one is using such waters,and we ALL know the sensitivity of this particular stretch,TREAD WITH UTMOST RESPECT other wise you might just be stuffing it up for those others that do like to fish there when the occasion arises,like this Bright Sight Comp. Let your brain get oxygen and blood before your nuts,and give half a thought to the consequences of your could jeapordise the running of a worthy charity comp,you are risking the exclusion of the venue to other users and what REALLY gets up my nose is that the farm manager is 'verbally abused' by some upstart wearing branded clothing...what a brilliant ambassador you are making :blue-rolleyes:
And once again,just prior to a KBT there at the end of this month,there is someone (or two as I assume from the above posting) that sneak in to pre fish a normally "closed to the public venue".There was a heap of S#!t about this the last time it happened...and here we go again.
Right, first off, I fished the stretch of river. I would like to put an end to this right now as I know how things can get out of hand on this site.

I apologize to all, for my ignorance and selfishness. I did not use one curse word against anyone while being spoken to about not tubing the river section. I don't swear at people in those situations. And most should know that I wouldn't do that. It's disrespectful. Just need to clear that out.

Mike, you have not ever spoken to me personally about anything except the box of tackle you wanted to sell when I was last with you guys at applethwaite. I take full responsibility for my actions and accept that I am banned from applethwaite. All of the above which Mike has said is true, except for the cursing part.

I would like to once again apologize to everyone about the trouble I have caused concerning this tubing incident. I also apologize to my sponsor for what I have done. I really do not think about the consequences beforehand. I take all the blame. Very sorry about this, everyone.
Don't bother with trespassing etc as that is a minor offence and keeps the magistrates out of delivering worthy sentences for serious crimes. Peer pressure is much better.

Me...I'm pushing to have your sponsorship revoked and have you return all sponsored items.

You need to learn a major lesson in life and grow up.

Look before this gets out of hand and everyone has their egg to lay.

Both parties involved has had their bit to say JM knows he was in the wrong and as far as I know has been "kakked" out from a dizzy height including me.

But before this becomes a slugging match of he said they said we must understand its all about one thing like Mike Clearly stated "to raise funds for needy people that need cornier transplants!!!!"

So lets focus on that, move along, punishment and banning has been issued.

He will never be able to fish the venue again and I think to me that's punishment enough as he clearly kept going back lol
jmgravenor Wrote:Right, first off, I fished the stretch of river. I would like to put an end to this right now as I know how things can get out of hand on this site.
Just a question: Did you have any permission to be legally on that stretch of water ?
smurf Wrote:
jmgravenor Wrote:Right, first off, I fished the stretch of river. I would like to put an end to this right now as I know how things can get out of hand on this site./quote]
Just a questionBig Grinid you have any permission to be legally on that stretch of water ?

Its done cant change what has happened and I'm sure you know the answer to that question Smurf, flogging this thing is not going to help anyone or the Charity.

JM has been named and shamed on a public forum so if that isn't a big enough lesson I don't know what is, he is fully aware there are a good number of pissed off folk.

Like I said let this not get out of hand its going to do more damage than it already has.

I look forward to seeing you all at the event as I will be very thirsty come next week Friday
What about JM +1 that was on the river with him.

Is he also going to be banned?
Valrath Wrote:What about JM +1 that was on the river with him.

Is he also going to be banned?

We should ban you from this site whahaha!!!
Young, dum and full of... rum?

shees, take it like a man JM. nice one. say what you want about the laaitie, but thats some serious honesty shown. And keep in mind the value that he has added to this forum (great reportbacks). I can imagine myself doing something like this if I was about 10 years younger. Having something like this forum and a name and shame only adds to the punishment (which the people affected have dished out, and deemed it fit for the crime, presumably by saying that they are not going to take it further by pressing charges).

My advice to JM... move down to KZN one day, we have quite a few venues like applewaithe, from what I've gathered on the size fish there and type of coverTongue
JM, I see you camping on this thread. I second jonni and thank you for coming clean so quick. Takes guts boet but take the whiplashing like a man and all's good.
JM I know you're a good guy and I've never seen you get upset with anyone
I would be very surprised if you swore at someone specially when you know you're in the wrong.

Its a real pity the guys are so shellfish with the river!
I forgive you JM!
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