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Something new - Navrik - 02-14-2019


RE: Something new - Jim_From_Zim - 02-15-2019


Is this a re-branding of an existing manufacturer? Or a totally new manufacturer into the trollie sector? (looking at the props suggests to me its a re-brand)

They'll have a long way to go to compete against the Ultrex/Humminbird set ups, especially with the 360 capabilities (one day... when I'm big... )

And without having to waffle on, I've seen it many times - brand owners move into another field that is not their core business, pour huge R&D funds into it to get it going then it all but waddles down to not much a few years later. I'm not knocking the concept, just observing that sticking to what you are good at is sometimes the safest way forward.

RE: Something new - Navrik - 02-20-2019

I think their hand was forced to the lack of progress on partner MotorGuide's side. Hummindbird/Minn Kota partnership is hurting them with their One Boat Network with the Talons.

RE: Something new - Navrik - 03-28-2019

Interestingly enough it now appears that the next big thing for MotorGuide is also on the cards to be launched at ICAST 2019.

The countdown process with a "Watch this space"  was launched at the Bassmaster Classic aka World Championship of Bass Fishing....still have a bit of a problem with the second part...

Being a MotorGuide fan since their old Mercury Thrusters I had on my first bass boat I am really looking forward to see what they would be coming up with!

RE: Something new - Navrik - 07-03-2019

I see Lowrance is now leading the technology war in the sense that they have introduced the brushless motors. Apparently quieter and more powerful than other brands. I think the competition between MK, MG, Lowrance and I believe Garmin who is also working on something would hopefully bring the cost down.

Latest and greatest trolling motor is more than what I paid for my boat!

RE: Something new - Jim_From_Zim - 07-03-2019

Brushless is certainly the way to go and are way more efficient, which means more of the stored energy (batteries) can be converted into kinetic energy (turning) and not wasted on resistance (mechanical drag of the actual motor - not the prop). The trick is that it needs a clever speed controller to run it.

Think of it like this: 
Brushed motors are direct current or DC (2 wires or a + and a - cable)
Brush-less motors are alternating current or AC (3 wires or a +, a - and an alternating current cable)

Now running 2 x 12v batteries into 24v on your boat is easy - its DC. How do you do the same with 2 x 12v batteries and make it AC? This is where the clever technology comes in on the speed controller. It takes DC into the controller (ie: 2 cables in: a + and a - cable) and converts it to AC to the actual motor (3 cables out: a +, a - and an alternating cable)

To confuse you even more, you should see a difference in the props too. A brushed motor prop is probably a coarser pitch than a brush-less motor prop because a brush-less motor has less torque at lower rpm. 
So the brush-less prop will probably have a bigger diameter/less pitch to compensate the torque at lower rpms. The same is true then at higher rpm. If its too coarse, then you'll be able to waterski behind it. ( a Brush-less motor rpm is way higher because its more efficient/less actual mechanical drag in the motor)

Now that I've confused you all, enjoy the coffee while reading this again.

RE: Something new - Navrik - 07-04-2019

You almost lost me at "Brushless is certainly..."

Ha ha. Good thing I did Electronics up to matric level.

I think ICAST is going to be very interesting this year.

Would love to see a shootout after ICAST on MK, MG, Lowrance (and possibly Garmin). I think Lowrance has lost quite a bit of business lately with the One Boat Network that HB & MK has been offering. You see if quite often on the new boat reviews to see what comes bundled standard.

RE: Something new - Jim_From_Zim - 07-04-2019

There's a good reason why they come standard Nav...

RE: Something new - Navrik - 07-04-2019

Exactly why they need some competition...

... and our budget needs it as well ;-)

RE: Something new - Navrik - 07-11-2019

Wow hot off the press at ICAST 2019.

We knew MotorGuide was working on something else as well but out of the left side comes Garmin and to top it off they win the trolling motor award with their new Garmin Force over the new Lowrance Ghost and new MotorGuide Tour Pro

Interesting that both Garmin and Lowrance now offer brush-less motors that can operate on both 24V and 36V with increased thrust if you go 36V. Quite nice if you want to migrate you boat over to a bigger one that might require more thrust. Just add another 12V battery

These motors claim to be 25-30% stronger than their equivalent brushed motors competitors Minn Kota and MotorGuide.

I must say I am quite impressed with the MotorGuide Tour (workhorse) and Tour Pro especially the fact that if the electronics gives a problem you can still uses the cable steer function. Who wants to have a long awaited fishing trip ruined by a faulty trolling motor.

The flexibility of changing built in transducers on the Lowrance Ghost is also quite neat as wrapping trolling motor cables around trolling motors shafts can be a bit of a pain not to even consider make them prone to damage.

Very interesting to note that MotorGuide built in transducers are now becoming more generic that the old purely Lowrance integration possibilities.