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Customized High Frequency Wood Board Joining Machine

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Product Description
HF plate splicing machine is to glue small section profiles into standard or required size plates. This product adopts the tilting operation table, covers a smaller area and adopts high-frequency heating technology to greatly shorten the curing time of adhesive, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.
Product Application
HF plate splicing machine is an ideal equipment for splicing of integrated materials and plates, and bonding of composite solid wood. The splicing size are customized, 5mm to 130mm thickness can be spliced by different models.
Product Advantage
HF plate splicing machine has high automation, simple and convenient operation, low labor intensity, short joining cycle and labor saving.
When users have special requirements, we can carry out customized configuration design accordingly.
Products Specification
Power~380 50HZ Three-phase four-wire system
Input power30KVA
Power adjustmentManual Five grade power to adjustable
Filament voltage7.5V
Electronic tubeFU834
Central oscillation frequency6.7MHZ
Oscillation power鈮?0KW
Overall efficiencyUnder a good match state 鈮?0%
Load formFlat capacitance
Output adjustment modeManual vacuum variable capacitive
Output formUnilateral output
Safety protectionHigh pressure over-current protection, main transformer overload protection, loop short circuit and spark protection, Anode over-current protection
Range of applicationBoard jointing, wood bending, wood floor, integrated timber, science and technology wood, wood drying etc
Other technical conditionsMeet GB5959路1-86 GB5959路9-86
GB/T10067路5-93 prescribed technical conditions
Electromagnetic radiation and protectionMeet GB8702-88 standard
Work environmentHumidity鈮?5% temperature+10锝?5鈩?/p>
NotesKeep high frequency generator away from dust environment, flammable, explosive & corrosive gases, and sources of quake & impact
Supply ability
30 Set/Sets per Month
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details: Standard export packing, plastic and foam, fixed by wood pallet, shipped
Nearest Port: Tianjin, China
Our Factory
ZHUOCHI TECH CO., LTD. is an company specializing in the development and sales of complete sets of high-frequency dielectric heating equipment. The equipment developed by our company is widely used in drying, heat sealing, gluing, molding, and etc. We have more than 30 years experience in this field. We have experienced technical team, mature production technology, advanced quality control system and strong after sales team.
Our Services
Pre-sale service:
1. Inquiry and consulting service
2. recommend the most suitable for our customers according to their requirements
3. Sample testing support
4. working videos available
5. View our factoryCustomized High Frequency Wood Board Joining Machine

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