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Hi to all out there. I am relatively new to bassing. Retired. Living about 10 ks outside Villiersdorp on Kwaggas side. I have just bought a St Lucia bass boat (not had it on the water yet) and I am in the market for a decent fishfinder. I would appreciate any advice I can get before I decide on what to buy.
Thanks :blue-question:
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Welcome to the site Bombasstic and congrats on the boat. I am sure you will get quite a few useful replies. We look forward to you reporting back on all the catches. Also please join us for the BFSA Money Trail competitions normally held once a month during the warmer months of the year.

I am current running a old Humminbird Wide Eye on my trolling motor and a Garmin 160C colour on my console. They do the job for me (for now) but I would definately like to upgrade in the near future. At the moment the Lowrance Elite series seems to be the ones I would to go for. There is even a new DSI (down scan imaging) model in there.

Check it out on Shannon site - also a member here:

The next one up from that would be the HDS units with down scan and side scan. These do come at a much higher price point and appears to be very popular with the serious bassers out there.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Hallo bombasstic.welcome!

What is your budget?
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Hi Navric + Plaasdam,
Thanks for reply . . . . Budget ???? Do I really need to embarrass myself on forum? :blue-redface:
I would think I could push to about R10k. The question is - would that be enough to give me an upper hand over the bass? I have got a Garmin 140 at the moment which I intended selling but now I see that 2 fishfinders on a boat is the norm.
Next question - If this be the case, where would the main one be - front or back? :blue-confused:
This is always a difficult topic. Personally, I would start with the Lowrance HDS 5 at under 10K. Then, as you go along you can ad the Structure Scan and then later another unit on the bow which will probably be a HDS 5M.

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Thanks PDV, I will check it on the net.

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