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Gas Struts/lifts

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Hi all

I know lots of people on this site have customized their boats and I am needing to get gas struts for my boat hatch. looking to get 2.

any ideas where in jhb to get them? as not finding much luck.

Howzit Zulu,

I saw someone had them installed on their boat the other day. Apparently Tribal did the install for them?
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Hi Zulu. I bought mine at Midas. They are the small ones made by Gabrial.
Not difficult to install. If you interested just leave me your cell no and I will whatsapp you pics how I fitted mine.
You can also get them at Gelmar stores. When you put it the gas struts just make sure your hatch screws are solid as it puts some strain on them.
just be carefull we ordering gas shocks, they are made to accomadate loads, if you get the wrong ones you'll proberly struggle to close the lid. another place to look at is kitchen accessories, they also have tiny gas shocks that could do the job.

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