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COF - fire extinguisher

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Hi All

as we all have the fun of renewing our COF and we need a valid or certified fire extinguisher, besides buying a new fire extinguisher every year.

who do you use to recertify the fire extinguisher? in the JHB area?

not sure what everybody does?

Dodgy area this as I have found guys in Cape Town that charges more to check than what a new fire extinguisher cost...
Regards Robert Jacobs
that's what I also found, like R500 for a "inspection" and a new sticker...makes no sense to me...
Keep the old one and buy a new one. If you have a fire, try the old one first or just use it to put the camp fire out next time
Have you done the COF yet and they are asking for renewal of the extinguisher? Or are you just getting ready to do it?

If the latter, I wouldn't even bother with the sticker. (re - my previous experience with a renewal)

And please no one say that if in the event of a fire the insurance wont pay out because of no sticker.... That extinguisher wont stand a chance against a fuel fire and will be spent quicker than expected and will do little help against the fire.

Grumpy friday... :eusa_snooty:
Place in Durban called Lock Load Fire charged me R55.00 to service my FE last year.
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getting ready to renew COF....

it just seems like a joke

I do agree, 50 litres of fuel on fire...I aint hanging around to be a fireman Smile
I use a Fire Stryker, it is SAMSA approved if it is in the the sealed tube. Does not require any servicing. Much lighter and easier to store. Not sure who sells them in Gauteng.
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Yip I have two. A lot lighter and compact
where best to buy these from? those new extinguisher.
Personally, I'd go with a halon extinguisher...

As a side note, one of my clients recently had a paper fire on one of their machine lines. It took 18 ABC ( your regular dry powder extinguishers) units to kill the small fire. Imagine what a fire will do fueled by, um... Fuel and oil.

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