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Old Lowrance 350 A

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I have access to an old Lowrance 350 A GPS/Sounder thrown off a boat that is still in perfect working order at no charge. I'm familiar with the LMS series and the HDS smaller series on other boats and which are more modern. This to replace a Garmin 160 C which has been at my console for a number of years now. I have and got with the boat I bought many years back a Lowrance M52 sounder/GPS small screen on the trolling motor and which has served me well the last few years.

My thinking is to replace the Garmin with the 350 A for GPS capability and the M52 upfront with a dragonfly in the affordable category for the CHIRP technology and GPS. I have no problem using marker buoys and then fine tuning for waypoint saving.

This alone would be a major upgrade for me (I think) whilst still educating kids and one at Varsity. Has anyone got any positives on the old model sounders such as this one and which were "hot" in their day? Would value some input from those who perhaps still run older units successfully.

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