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Xi5 Trolling motor

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I changed my Minn Kota Fortrex 24V 80lb trolling motor with a MotorGuide Xi5 24V 80lb trolling motor with sonar and Pinpoint GPS on my Crackleback 500. Was a bit hesitant about this decision but after using this unit with the wireless pedal and remote, I can't wait to go fishing again. Saturday was a windy day on the water but with the built-in anchoring option it made it a pleasure to be able to man the trolling motor. Even standing with my fishing partner at the back and being able to manoeuvre the boat from there was a pleasure. I thought that the 2 x 12V batteries might be hammered after a day of use with the GPS and anchoring function, I was very surprised that the batteries were not drained more than using the Fortrex. It was a pleasure to be able to fish from the from rather than battle with the trolling motor to stay in the same place!! I still want to try the route record function where you record your route while fishing and then just tell the trolling motor to take you back to that route if you want to fish it again! I know you can also link this trolling motor to your Lowrance fish finders and let it take you to your waypoints.
Xi5 is definately on my list for one day.

I have just discovered how much of a difference it makes to upgrade from 55lb to 75lb on a Raker here in the Western Cape especially on a windy day!
Regards Robert Jacobs

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