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Wriggleswade Dam Chart Update

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Chart Update Available!
Wriggleswade Dam - Stutterheim EC
What's New - 
- 900 new georeferenced hd photos of when the dam was down 3 meters accessed directly off the chart in Mosaic3M and AerialHD views.
- 16 key AerialHD (drone) areas added (20x Google Earth Resolution)
- 16 Key Elevation (3D like shaded relief contouring) areas to help you add perspective to the AerialHD view.
Why you need it - 
The dam has come up a lot, especially this weekend, so most of these new areas will be in play, just in time for the AMATOLA CLASSIC next weekend.

To view images that are not limited - 5 new photos

Wriggleswade Chart -

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