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WANTED: Bass boat in the 100k Range, want to take my fishing to the next level. Do anybody know of a boat that wants a new loving home, would prefer the boat to be kitted already.
Also some input on the things to lookout for and what boats is the best in the price range?

Thanks in advance guys!?
Rebel 532 or Crackleback 500?
You might find a 532 in the 140k range. A crackleback in the 180 - 200k range

If you're not in a rush, take your time to look around. There will be a good deal somewhere but also a kak deal out there too

You'll probably find a venom, bass seaker etc in that range at the moment. 

But first consider what you want it for:
2 up fishing?
Solo comps?
Parking space at home?
Cheap to run?
Looking for a race horse with many donkeys?
Is rod locker space important?
Is rough weather important, or will you only jolly down at your local pond? Where are you based?
Is electronics important to you? 
How about a big (or two) live wells?

You cant have yes to all the questions.... Draw up your own list then start looking. 
Normally boats that are frequently in comps have better equipment and are sometimes in better nick. 

Consider also you'll need decent chargers, might have to fork out for new batteries (every seller says his are in 100% condition...). You'll probably have to shell out for your own TLC to the boat when you buy it. 

So becareful in otherwords... Your 100k budget will become 150k in a flash if you're not careful

I'm no guru but i can offer some advise if needed. You're welcome to pm me for contact details
At R100K I would look at a kitted out Ruffnek Raker X16. Best handling 16ft boat out there. A friend ours mine Flip Opperman (here in the Western Cape) has a very nice Ruffnek VX70 with a 175 Johnson on the back. He just had all the scratches taken out plus a full clean up on the trailer etc. Lovely boat. He was in the market for just under R150K the last time I checked. Full kitted out boat.
Regards Robert Jacobs
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Regards Robert Jacobs
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