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Intex 40lb

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Hi guys 
Anyone have experience with the intex 40lb trolling motor ,Will it be okay on a fibreglass boat?
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Sure, should be good for any boat

But it depends on the size of the boat. If you have a tub the size of the Queen Mary then it may not be advisable. 

The 40 pounder should be good for a tub in the range of 12ft to 15/16ft. It will work on bigger, but you might find yourself running it at 100% just to get the boat to move.
There where mixed reviews on the net , so I picked up a 2nd hand 54lb water snake venom for R2500 still under warranty
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Well, whats the size of your boat that you need it for? 

That normally determine's the tools needed. Kind of like servicing your car with only a 13 size spanner if you get my drift

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