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Hi Q

yes I agree with you, I guess that a fisherman should allways be prepared for anything.

It is just soooooo frustrating to bring back a kg of grass everytime I reel my bait in.

It is something to get use to I guess.
Hi Bigmouth,

I had days like that at vasfontein before, so it all depends on the fish on any given day.

I have not been to tulani but one of my friends visited it the other day and he caught a lot of fish between 500 and 700g and one monster of 2 kg !!!!
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No bass caught :blue-doubt:

I only managed 5 blue kurpers, not too shabby for just a little under 2 hours.

Both dams were a bit dirty from the maintenance that was done around the dam,

I lost my x-rap and I am quite upset about it, I loved that lure.

Ohhhh well, enough fishing for one week, next week I have to try the quarry in Edenvale.

Anybody out there that wants to join me?

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