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Newbie Saying Hi!

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Hi All

I think I am addicted!

I've been fishing for bass for the past 3 weeks now and I am convinced that I am hooked for life.

My real name is Johan and I live in Montana Pretoria. I was on leave the previous week and went fishing in Bronkhorstspruit, Vasfontein, Oppiekoppie, Bon Accord(barbers).

Here are some of the fish I caught at Vasfontein.
[Image: 29022008133.jpg]
[Image: 29022008132.jpg]
[Image: 26022008120.jpg]
[Image: 26022008124-1.jpg]
[Image: 29022008134.jpg]

Not too bad for a newbie :blue-question:


Howzit Bigmouth and welcome to the site. You will make a lot of new friends on the site, and you will learn a lot here.

So you said you fished, bronkies, and oppikoppie as well. How did it go at those venues. Did you manage to get anything there. I visited oppikoppi once but only managed one fish for the day.
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Hi Bigmouth!

Welcome to the forums. I am sure you will enjoy your time here with us. Looks like you are doing well for a newbie! Keep it up man. I hate to tell you this but the addiction does not get any better!! Once you are hooked that's it, and it seems you are. Just remember to push through the harder fishing days cause there is always great reward at the end!

Good luck and chat to you soon...

Cheers :blue-smile:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Hiya Bigmouth, welcome to BFSA, sometimes know as BA (bassaholics anonymous) because there are plenty of like minded bass addicts here.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Thanks for the welcoming guys,

Oppiekoppie? eish nee, I caught nothing :blue-doubt:

The day I went to Bronkies we went with a guy that is called Piet"vis" in town.

What an experience, we tried out a private dam about 20km outside Bronkies and caught about 20 fish in 2 hours.

I want to try out Roodeplaat soon, lets hope for the best,

BTW, I am a boertjie, sorry for the spelling and the grammar.
Welcome to the site Bigmouth, must say with catches like that and such good use of the site first time round one would never say you are a newbie! :blue-lol:

Looking forward to chat to you! :blue-cool:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Welcome Bigmouth ! :blue-biggrin: Fish and Fish often !
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Bigmouth Wrote:I want to try out Roodeplaat soon, lets hope for the best,

BTW, I am a boertjie, sorry for the spelling and the grammar.

Spare yourself the trouble and give Roodeplaat a skip, I was there two weeks ago and what a waste! The water is green and it stinks, and apart from that we struggled to launch due to that fact that the hyacinths are still out of control!

Don’t worry about the grammar and spelling too much, there are a lot of boertjies on the site including myself!!
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Howzit man, welcome to the site .. be sure that it will influence your work .. this place is addictive! :blue-badgrin:
Knowledge is the key - Buck Perry
Damb boy, I'm green with envy - nice fish, hope U gave them some sugar. Going to vasfontein tomorow wheather permitting, hope I do half as good. Just one thing though, when U take the photo the lure must allways be visable so fools like me can catch a clue. Stywe Lyne.
Hallo Manne,

Thanks for all the kind words,

@ Norkie, I've been fishing since I was a small boy but it is only for the past 3 weeks that I decided to get some propper equipment and to make a hobby of this. As for the forum usage, I am also a member of the VW Forums as well as the SnS Forums, so by now I am lekker gesout in how to use the forums.

@ Vlam, as for Roodeplaat, I'll give it s skip then untill we get some propper rain, I don't own a boat so I'll be doing the "walk and see more" thing. I've heard that its best to fish on the side where Aventura used to be?

@ Jacqjdt, I will try to remember the tip, I was so excited after catching those fish that I totally forgot to think about things like that.

I couldn't resist to bring all my equipment with me this morning to work. I knock off at 14h00 and I think I am going to try out the quarry behind Checkers in Edenvale. Are there any fish?

Lekker dag vir julle almal
Gates are closed :blue-sad: :blue-sad: :blue-sad:

Ek sal maar iets anders moet probeer
Hi Guys

I tried out Thulani bass estate in Pretoria just off the Old Warmbaths road.

Man what a waste :blue-evil:

I went there at 14h30 and the still charged me R90.00 :blue-confused:

Not even a bite, the water is quite clear but for some reason the fish is just not interested in entertaining me.

They just swim right past the bait, no response nala nothing.

I think there is valium in the water. :blue-doubt:

Another thing that irritated me quite a bit is the fact that the dams are full of grass :blue-mad: man I hate that.

Next time I will just keep on driving and head out to Vasfontein.

Man I love that place :blue-cool:
Thats the game Man. :blue-confused: Even top Bassmasters fishing Tours like the Bass Masters Clasic have them day's. Not heard of this place though, you have to tell me how to get there. :blue-biggrin: Spent the morning at Vasfontein, Caught one ( about 700g ) at about 06:15 and that was all untill 12:00 when I had to leave. Three other guy's allso there caught nothing. :blue-cry: :blue-cry: :blue-cry: Hope U do better next time U go, Tight lines.
Don't dis the grass to quick if you want to catch bass. :blue-smile: Good hiding place. Learn to fish in grass. If I see a patch of grass I get all happy and start kissing my froggies. (Just ask Sharky, hehe).
And clear water bassing is very difficult, as the fish are more skittish because they are more visible (If you can see me, I can see you better). Choose your bait size and colours carefully.

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