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Peeps D'Angelo

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For those that know Peeps, the larger than life, bubbly chap who migrates 2 the Inanda Classic each year from GP, and who finished 3rd last year with Fab, I have some concerning news. Peeps had a heart attack earlier this week. I have spoken 2 him & he certainly isn't his usual loud self, but is sounding positive. If u know him & would like 2 send him an sms of good wishes, then please do so. I'm sure he would appreciate it.
Oh my word… not lekker! Let’s hope he recovers well and is back at the IBC 2009! I will SMS him shorlty!
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Hey drew, I dont know the guy but it wont hurt to send gtreetings and salutaions from the whole of BFSA to him in getting well boet!!!
fiss,fiss and fiss often!!
hey peeps.....hope you get better buddy....i know its the stress of not catching millions of bass...we all feel the same.....just get better so you can put the hurt on those buggers soon!!!! anyway i'm sure you're enjoying the rest through that cold jhb weather........just get better quick before the spawn starts!
All the best Peep for a speedie recovery, I have sent a sms as well.
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Thanks very much guys!!! Peeps really appreciates it!!!

Drew, thanks for the post bud!!! Wink

Peep's fighting and fishing spirit is alive and well!!! The day after the attack his wife foned me... She quoted Peeps," Fone Fabio, I want to go fishing!!!!" ... Hehehehe... you can't keep a good fisherman down!!! :blue-biggrin: :blue-badgrin:

He foned me last nite and was very touched by all the well wishing smses, so thanks very much guys!!! :eusa_clap:

:twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
Glad to hear that all is going well.
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