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thanks so much guys...and i wont change my avatar bergie...hehe
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hawkeye: ya its awesome to be part of such a close family...i have mates frm dbn that just laugh at me!!! this is something i love and hv a passion for...and they just rip me to shreds...not cool...dnt need them!!!
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Good luck from the Cape Town guys!
[Image: 10qdh5w.jpg]
Did it last week, sorry forgot to post it :blue-redface: Good luck!
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howdy boys!!!
just thought id let you guys know i came 3rd over all...the only local girl to make the top3...the top2 winners were from dbn!!!
thank you so much for all the support and votes!!!
love you guys!!!ur my family
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Well done Marj!! You are still our number 1 though :blue-biggrin:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
awe...thanks shane!!! missed u guys on bfsa last week...but now m back!!! :blue-biggrin:
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Hello my darling, I shed tears when I heard that they had ROBBED you sweatheart!! :blue-sad: Never mind you are still our "NUMBER ONE QUEEN" :blue-biggrin: Whats that about a new cossy!!! :blue-lol: Geez girl I need a scotch!!! :blue-lol: Well done marj, knock em dead next time, your still a 'cracker'!!!
fiss,fiss and fiss often!

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