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Seadogs big moment.

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So at the usual braai on the friday before a comp my partner was a little pessimistic, and i was like, Dude the fishing hasnt been good i know, BUT you must remember that at every comp (no matter how bad) someone ALways gets a decent Bag and at least one Big fish comes out!!! And he was like , "ya ya, grumble mumble etc...." So we had some more beers, got a little tanked and hit the sack.

SO, the compo day started off as any other, but with ONE difference, I Decided to use a confidence lure. (the one that really worked for me in the last comp and a lure I hadn’t thrown in 2 years…the good old spinnerbait!!!!)
Ive been having a really kak run in luck and confidence etc since the end of last year. (some might be familiar with my plight)
Any way, so I make make a cast in the dirty water (where the fish were earlier in the week) As the spinnerbait hits the water, BAMM…fish on, it wasn’t until the tail swirl till I realized, that this pig was indeed a pig (for our northern strain anyway) the time 7:25 (been fishing for 25 min…) the fish 2.51kg....(turned out to me the second biggest of the day by like 37 grams…)

Anyway, seemed the spinnerbait was working in the dirty water, although I had my suspicions that a quick hit like that was purely reaction, so maybe the spinnerbait wasn’t right….any way…we fished for antoher hour with little or not success. I suggested to my boat partner trevor, that we go down to the bottom half of the dam to the clearer water…(hadn’t REALLY been producing but I wanted to replicate the structure and depth at which I caught the first pig)

Hit one of the islands in the middle of the dam, half submerged trees and sticks and……..BAMM 2.1kg…….(Insert Kissing, joy and shrieking), around the next corner BAMM 1.7kg, then a 1,3 and a 1,1kg. ALL before lunch………………… My partner was skunking, throwing exactly what I was, (he eventually filled up with a 1.9kg and 4 rats)

Anyway the news starts unfolding that EVERYONE on the water had a really bad day. Some Skunked, the TOP boys only landed like 1, 2 or 3 fish and the odd boat got a limit.

I started wondering what it would be like if I actually came first……………..WELL WONDER NO MORE SEADOG!!!! I came first by like a FAT F-OFF margin, between 2-3 kg. I DESTROYED on the day, it was awesome, I felt like Conan the Barbarian (and partime bass annihilator!~!) Anyway, its our last comp for two months, so im going to keep my momentum going forward and carry it thru to the last half of the year….confidence baits and Confidence is what saved the day, NO DOUBT whatsoever, it such a good feeling to be back in the mix. I LOVE THIS FUCKING SPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(OH, and I got a lure hook in my leg, (thanks trev!!!) cut it off too short at the shank with a wire cutter , so had to go to medi clinic staright after the comp. they couldnt find it, so just stitched me up, and gave me a tetnis shot….Now that’s a real fisher man guys…a hook in the front of the meat in my shin……….FISH FEAR ME,WOMAN WANT TO HOLD MY ROD AND MEN WANT TO BE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

That was my weekend………How was yours???
Well done Jarret, my good luck wishes and your determination paid off.
What was your total weight?
Did you get them all on a spinnerbait.
total bag weight was just over 9kg. (i caught a total of 10 fish though, all size> I was culling 1kg fish at lunch.
Ya the decent fish all came on a terminator spinnerbait with a chartreuse tipped plastic trailor.

i caught about 3 on a texas rigged fluke.
Well done jarret...the NamibianK actually won something for a change....only teasing boet :blue-badgrin: :blue-lol:

However, "I WANT TO PUKE"....whats this bullshit..."FISH FEAR ME..WOMAN WANT TO HOLD MY ROD AND MEN WANT TO BE ME" smoking to much of that namibian turd boet :blue-lol: :blue-badgrin: ...Ooooooh boy so early in the morning I need a scotch. :blue-badgrin: :blue-lol: :blue-biggrin:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
And before i had a boat for years and years and years my go to was a spinnerbait.
And really. in the last 2 years i never caught a single thing on a spinnerbait, its so strange after all that time the spinnerbait is back in my box as my first choice weapon of mass destruction.......
I also know that it has a time and place though,. so im not fooling myself thinking that THAT is the only thing to use and when it doesnt work ille be buggered.....its just a good place to start confidence wise for me.
Thanks bergie, i love you too....
I clearly remember your avatar!!
You need to upgrade it, so when are you down here again?
not sure bud, not this year....
When are you coming up...anytime you gimme a call ok!!
did i give you my cell....?
So Seadog now feels like a TOPDOG
Well done chum, its always motivational to have a "change " in luck for the BETTER as well as an adrenalin booster.
Hope the adrenalin lasts a loooong time and the "luck" continues :blue-biggrin: :blue-badgrin:
Keep throwing those Spinnerbaits :blue-razz:
Well done Seadog..Its lekka to skop the ''Pros" from time to time :blue-biggrin:

Were was this comp? What comp was it?
One fish can change it all.....
well done...sounds like you had a really good day...thats a good bag :blue-biggrin:
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Well done SeaDog!

What prizes did you win?

august, it was at Vonbach dam here in namibia. Same dam that featured on ESA a while ago. against an invitational from SA. Including Xavier, justy, nico. Leon. etc awesome comp. great guys.

Froggy, just a gold medal bru.
WEa rent were you guys in sa are with huuuuuuuuge prizes.


We have started our Radiowave Summer Classic. we have cool prizes. Cash wise the 1st prize is like 15K. total prizes in CASH total about 60K. Its big for us...and its our initiative here in nam and its working Lank well.
and thanks to all the others who wrote and gave me some love, Appreciate it guys...
Jarret melt down the medal and make some spinnerbait blades.
Gold blades in stained water is a killer. :blue-lol: :blue-lol: :blue-lol:

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