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Murray Park / Nigel dam

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i believe that there is quiet a few bass and large ones too at Murray Park as well as Nigel Dam any suggestions on bait as i am a bank angler for now and hope not for too long iether

:blue-confused: :blue-doubt: :blue-idea: ideas please

Hey Aadil

Bank angling can be very rewarding at times. I fished from the bank for many years and still do from time to time when we not on our tubes or boats. There are always a few baits that are deadly fished from any platform.

The three best approaches from the bank and from anywhere really would be weightless, mojo or texas rigs. If you want to use hard baits, shallow running cranks and jerkbaits are probably better and never count out top water baits! Natural colours like greenpumpkin, watermelon and not so natural junebug are very productive in all waters. Dont be afraid to experiment with different retrieval techniques and riggs. Slow fishing during summer is normally the better way to go but always try something different now and then...

Lastly when fishing from the bank you should try and wade in a bit if possible to get better angles at structure, i find long casts also work best. You should consider getting a float tube, it is sometimes better than a boat :blue-cool:

Hope this helps... :blue-smile:
Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Hi Aadil,

I fished both Murry park and Nigel dam but in order to get to places it would be nice to get a small boat. I caught in both dams - I used mainly worm, dark green with glitter on a carolina rig.

There is plenty of weed at Murry Park but Nigel dam is ok as you can get right around it.

There is also a dam behind the factory at nigel.

I also use top water at Murry park in the open places along the dam wall.

Good luck with the fishing.
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Thanks guys, you guys rock absolutely no regret in joining the forum and being a memeber of such an awesome club. :blue-biggrin:
i had a total blank this weekend, but fishing still beats the hack out of working :blue-badgrin:
SG where in nigel is the dam behind the factories and do you need a permit to get in or do you have to arrange before time please let me know

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