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New member - TBird

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Hi everyone. I'm a member on another forum similar to this, and only found out about this one today.

My name is Ben and I fish with my wife Adriana as Team Keepers on the BETT gauteng trail.

I'll contribute where I can, and hopefully (if things still sink in) also learn a thing or two from the rest of you.

Welcome TBird and the team.
Hey Ben

Welcome to the website boet! Im sure you will have a lot of fun here as we always do! Im sure you will learn a few tricks here... we help everyone out where we can...

Look out for our sponsored Team during the BETT... Go say howzit to them... they are August and Ras who fish as Team Bsc Bass... they are very friendly guys...

Good luck to you and Adriana during the compo!

Chat soon

Sometimes the fishing is so bad not even the liars catch anything!!!!
Welcome Ben and Adriana,.....Look forward to watching you on the Bett guy's.... :blue-biggrin: :blue-biggrin:
"I don't exagerate...I think big!"
Welcome to the site TBird!!

I'm sure you going to learn a couple of tricks as well as make a few buddies!!!

BFSA has always rocked!!!

Welcome Ben and Missus, we'll be rooting for you at the next BETT.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb
Welcome TBird and Adriana.

I am a keen follower of the BETT series on Supersport. My brother fishes the KZN BETT with his father-in-law.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Welcome TBird and Adriana to the best bass site on the net.

Good to see partners fishing together and best of luck with the BETT.
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Warm welcome.hope you enjoy your stay. would love to learn from your experiences.not just me,all of us.
Howzit Tbird. Would like to meet you at the next bett at bronkies. This is the best site in the world, you will really enjoy it!! Glad you joined.
See you next weekend
One fish can change it all.....
Thanks for the warm welcome guys. Still trying to find my way around the site and get up to date with the postings.

August, I'll look out for you at the next comp.
August will be easy to recognize (apart from his photos on this site from his reportbacks) - he's the guy in the cool BFSA wrapped Terminator.
The gods do not deduct from a man's allotted span on this earth the hours spent in fishing ~Babylonian Proverb

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