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Greetings and salutations

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Hi all, hope the waters are treating you kindly.
I'm a casual bass fisher who has recently moved into Nelspruit looking for safe ponds where I could put my canoe on without becoming a meal for the local Flat Dogs and if the opportunity presents itself, hitching a ride with a real basser on a big boat..... I'll scrub the decks Skipper.... lol.
Looking forward to making loads of new fishing budies, learning more and sharing everything I learn. Tight lines and take care!!
Regards Ash
Welcome BBH - you have come to the right place :blue-idea:

We have members all over South Africa and a few from across the water. We love it when more bass buddies join us and we are looking forward to hear your report backs and see pictures of all the lunkers you catch :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanx Rob, It's good to make your acquaintance. I'll definitely be sure to post my pix and reports, this is the best place to share our passion hey.

Cool website you've go going, how is business and what is your involvement in Tackleware?
Hi Ash

I own the business. We're just starting out. I have a few agreements with suppliers in place. Keep a lookout for our website and Facebook page which will evolve fairly rapidly over the next few weeks. "Gooi" a like on the FB page if you're on there so that you can see all the updates coming through.

I also want to get involved with growing the sport that has given me so much pleasure in the last year. What the sport desperately need (specifically in the Western Cape) is sponsorship and exposure and I am hoping that the fruits of this business can be invested into these areas. My aim is to support Shane(Bassmaster), Carl(Bergie) and Chris(Bassassin) as much as I can with all their plans with taking BFSA to the next level with the launch of the new site and all the other plans they have for us in the near future.

We already have a few suppliers such as as Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits, Outdoors 365 and Hero from Gemini Moon Trading 25 involved as sponsors to the BFSA Money Trail events and a lot of us had very good results in the past few competitions with these suppliers' products. As a matter of fact some of the owners and employees of these suppliers actually fish with us in the bass fishing competions (and beat us most of the time :blue-cry: )

All I can say is that these suppliers' products work and gave Team TackleWare a third place in this past Sunday's BFSA Money Trail at Kwaggaskloof dam (next to Worcester).
Regards Robert Jacobs
Man I love it when a plans comes together!! It sounds like you're in the thick of it and having a blast at that. I truly hope you're venture will grow by leaps and bounds and with chaps like yourself supporting us in the sport, how could we go wrong.
Hope to be able to catch you on the water some day and I'll be sure to follow the progress on through your Fb link and when it's time to upgrade, support your venture from Nelspruit. Take care and tight lines Rob, looking forward to following your progress and seeing the pics as well.
hey, welcome to the site.

I have caught plenty bass at Klipkoppie, witklip and da gama all from a inflatable raft. Some nice fish in that area and the climate makes year round fishing a pleasure


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