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Bass Boat Wanted

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Hi all,
Looking to upgrade from my splash bass to something a bit bigger.  

17 ft hull with 115-150hp.  Would consider a 16ft with a wide beam.  

My budget is around R100k.

From what I can see, there is very little available on the internet right now. I have registered as a potential buyer on bass

If anyone is looking to sell or has any kind of advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
Hii MickeyM

I went through the same thing a few years ago and also upgraded from a Splash with 60HP

I ended up with a Raker X16 with 90HP. At your budget I would included a Raker type hull in your search. These includes the Lightning which is very similar. Hull offers a very good ride especially in choppier water.

You could normally pick up a Rebel 531/2 or VX70 with 175HP-200HP for around R150K so you might need to increase you budget to about R120K for what you want. It normally depends on the electronics and trolling motor as well.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks for the advice Navrik.  My budget is a little flexible if the right boat comes along.
A few months ago you could pick up proper deals, probably due to cash shortages and the wrecking 'rona virus.

Now... Not so much. Its fishing season so boats will be priced at a premium for the time being.

Just hang five, keep the itch in the pocket and look around. The right rig will come along soon enough.

A kitted vx today will fetch 200k in the right hands. Maybe the same for a 532. A few months ago they were square in your budget.... Hence hang five to upgrade...

I forgot to add: if you're on fartbrick, look up bass fishing junkie and join the group. A ton of things get sold/traded there, boats included. 

As always with a social public platform, buying and selling is at your risk
Thanks Jim. Great advice.  My Splash is still functional so might hang onto it for a bit.
After reading all the useful info on this forum I ended up finding a beautiful Raker X16 with a 90hp Mariner at the back.  The boat is in great condition and is 100% fishing ready.

Gave Navrik an unsolicited phone call to pick his brain about the hull and motor.  He has the same rig after all.  He was super helpful and patient. Thanks Navrik!!!

The boat is coming up from East London on the 30th. Going to be the longest 3 weeks of my life...
My pleasure buddy. That is what we are there for!

I was impressed with your detective skills on tracking me down!

Good luck on the wait! Welcome to Team Raker.

We even have a Facebook page as well

Add me on Facebook and I will hook you up. Heck we might be friends on Facebook already Big Grin
Regards Robert Jacobs
nice! You cant go wrong with a raker

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